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Olefins Trade Corporation. We are mainly involved in different spheres such as Sound System, Security System, IoT Devices, Compliance Items, Industrial Safety, IT Equipment, Electronics Equipment, and other equivalent sectors, to know more about our products range, please visit our shop page.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our clients, based on commitment, pride, accountability, quality, and safety. Client relationships are the lifeblood of our business. You can check our client list. 


Our mission is to provide solution on the conference system, PA system, PABX system, safety & security system, guard tour system, etc.


Increasing the product's variation in the mentioned sectors is our vision. We are committed to providing first-class brands with services.


Our destination gets values behind experience and success. Making the clients laugh by giving satisfying services should b the aim.

Product & Services

PA System

In this sector we are concerned to provide sound, not products. There are multiple brands like Aircom, BOSCH, TOA, Ahuja, HTDZ, BXB, and more. We offer all kinds of sound solution with installation facilities.

Access Control System

Your security is our concern. That is why we are committed to providing you with a complete access controlling solution that will make your security enough strong using several security fetures..

Security System

We also provide services on CCTV cameras, walk-through metal detector gates, handheld metal detectors, archway gates, flip barriers, etc. We are boarding our capability in the security industries and all over the sectots mentioned above.

Conference System

We have a strong portfolio in the conference system sector. We basically work with Aircom, BOSCH, TOA, HTDZ, BXB, and more. We don't provide just products, we offer a complete solution to clients.

Guard Tour System

Possibly you would like to monitor your guards with just a small device. Yes, we also provide this solution with a guard tour system. You can get all data and track your hurds by using this device. We have a complete solution that will make your daily monitoring easy.

PABX System

Using the PABX system will allow you to communicate with people within the twinkle of your eyes. We offer the full solution in this sector. We choose the world's first-class brands and make sure of satisfying services after sales.

We Don't Provide Only Products, We also Give Solution​

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